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Welcome to NAMI Mt. San Jacinto


Taking important steps toward recovery  Annual NAMIWalk will benefit mental health groups.  BY DIANE A. RHODES    CONTRIBUTING WRITER     Mindy Fredericks will be taking yet another important step in her life when she participates in the ninth annual NAMIWalks at Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet on Saturday. The 5k walk benefits seven affiliates in Riverside and San more »

The Personality Of Anxiety

A number of anxiety disorders are being recognized by the psychiatric community as well as the general population. With the inclusion of social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) in the DSM-IV, many people are seeing a validation of the condition, which also allows for greater access to coping and treatment resources. The recognition that the concept more »

Mental-Health Lessons Emerge from Isla Vista Slayings

Mental-Health Lessons Emerge From Isla Vista Slayings Written By: Kate Pickert Police missed an opportunity to thwart Elliot Rodger’s plans before he killed six people. When a mad man goes on a killing spree, a few questions immediately bubble to the surface. Who’s to blame? What should we do now? Could this have been prevented? more »