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Parents and Teachers as Allies



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Trade fears and frustrations for FACTS. Learn how to support students who may have mental illnesses.

Parents and Teachers as Allies is a dynamic educational team presentation designed to advance mutual understanding and communication between families and school professionals. The idea is that the more education there is available, the less stigma, fear and disruption there will be in regards to students with mental illness.

Behind the label “bad kid” or “poor parenting” may lie a treatable mental illness. In fact, according to the Surgeon General, 12% of children in America under the age of 18 have a diagnosable mental illness.

Parents and teachers can be burdened by a child’s mental illness in the form of troubled behavior and poor educational performance. yet these same adults are the frontline allies in the battle against long-term devastation.

While mental illnesses are not yet curable, they are highly treatable when early recognition intervention occur.

…and this is where the Parents and Teachers as Allies program comes in.

The program offers:

* Information on and signs of early-onset of some of the most commonly occuring mental illnesses.

* Different perspectives given by parent, teacher, facilitator and student speakers on dealing with mental illness in the classroom.

* Learning and working together as allies.

* Navigating the referral process.

* Resources and how NAMI can help.

For more information on Parents and Teachers as Allies or to schedule a training for your organization, please contact:

NAMI Mt. San Jacinto County Education Director Anita Fisher 619-398-9851

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